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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

If I were a therapist I would probably say I was mad.

From beginning to end, from the end back to the beginning. Hurry. Hurry beyond the realms of “perfection” and find the perfection in imperfection. The superficial will then banish and the sublime will be restored once again. My brain is a whoosh, like a rollercoaster underwater. Manners and socks. Yes. Manners they are what are on my mind at the moment. Curiosity and questioning. The youth of today. Teens. Youngsters. Children (which is all they are). Enid Blyton seems a traditional way to go back to. So lets go and leave them behind, they warrant no real place in society. Better upbringing produces better behavior. Respect is the word. Forget the superficial you know. Take the festivities of Christmas. We all the big old house, the traditional decor, an aga and a huge fireplace. We want snow and beautiful surroundings. Most of all on this particular day we want more than 24 hours in order not loose a single minute with our families.

You can look, but I don’t want you talking to be. Love and hate are very strong words. Stephen fry is a depressive but I get to randomly have a one-person party in my own room, just because I can! Though your ribs are made of bones and a fire may solve your problems for a while they wont be gone forever. I cannot understand the ways of the world! Time and time again, ideas form, people jump on the good old bandwagon. A kooky idea and ‘boom’. Pages of scenarios...pages of writing that wont make the grade. Day in and day out we make breakfast for ourselves. How selfish? The idea that people want to spontaneously leap- frog is awe-inspiring. Keep leaping those frogs.

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